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Minecraft Advanced Lamp Post Design Ideas & Simple Guide

While I had initially created a guide for basic lamp post designs and creation, I tasked our grand builder Grumbly with doing something fancier. Actually, I had asked about chairs mentioning a lamp post guide I did as an example and he took the designs to the next level. So with that, and through his wonderful building we’ll be looking at advanced lamp post design ideas and a simple, yet more complex guide for working on them. We’ll start with the closest creation which is meant to house a sea lantern, but I suppose you could also add glowstone in there.

This is a mix of slabs, stone fence spots and stairs. You can of course mix up the materials to color coordinate for your rooms, but this is the example and the grey works against the sea lantern well. You’ll start by laying out stairs at the bottom, a regular shape and then an upside down one. Do this in four outside pointing ways. Then add a slab to the top of each fence. Insert a light source in the center and add a middle textured block of your choice to top it off.  Minecraft Advanced Lamp Post Design Ideas
The next design is far easier, but be careful to have fire spread off as this could cause problems for you. Basically, it could start a raging fire. This design has you placing a fence post to start off. I’ll mention that generally you can swap most of the block types for whatever aesthetic fits your particular build with any of these creations. After the stone fence post, add two regular wooden fences types. Add some trap doors and close them on each side, then light the middle on fire. Looks crazy awesome.

The next design is even simpler in comparison to the previous one. You’ll start with a stone fence post, add a wooden fence post and then place a lantern at the top. That’s it, and you’re good to go. It’s small, simple and looks aesthetically pleasing. This design is similar to the previous two, slightly adjusted. You’ll start with a brick fence post, then place two wooden fence posts on top of one another. Throw a glowstone block down, then add trap doors to each side and close them down. Finally, finish it off with a daylight sensor.

The final option really aims to hide your light source entirely. What you do is dig a block down, then place glowstone or a sea lantern in that very hole you made. After that you’ll place a cauldron to then add leaves on top of it, two blocks worth up. Then head to the cauldron portion, add trap doors and close them around the base. It’ll make a nice hedge design, with light as a bonus element.

Again, a huge thanks for Grumbly for building these incredible designs for this guide, he does amazing work and you can see his landscaping efforts within the Minecraft hub area. Hopefully you found this helpful, you can read about basic lamp post building below or check out our hub for further coverage.

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