Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup Pack

Minecraft Adventure Time Mashup Pack which features a standard small custom world, a set of themed skins, textures, music and UI to match the Mashup Pack

Minecraft Platforms

The Adventure Time Mash-Up Pack is available on Minecraft Xbox One/360; Minecraft Playstation 4/3/Vita, Minecraft Nintendo Switch/WiiU, Minecraft Pocket Edition/Windows 10 for download. This pack is a perfect take on the world that Finn the Human and Jake explore. It's got their classic treehouse, the Fire Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom and completely captures the look of the Land of Ooo with a full map view. In the video I showcase all the Adventure Time skins, textures and creatures. This also has all the great locations that are available within the pack. Be sure to play with Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Marceline the Vampire and many more! The review covers this with precise information about just what is included.