Minecraft Norse Mythology Mashup Pack

Minecraft Norse Mythology Mashup Pack which features a standard small custom world, a set of themed skins, textures, music and UI to match the Mashup Pack

Minecraft Platforms

The Norse Mythology Mash-Up Pack is available on Minecraft Xbox One/360; Minecraft Playstation 4/3/Vita, Minecraft Nintendo Switch/WiiU, Minecraft Pocket Edition/Windows 10 for Download. The map is focused on capturing the essence of Norse Mythology by presenting custom textures, around 50 skins, a fresh UI with new music and a special world created to emulate the theme. You get a variety of creatures within the skin pack and that's mirrored within the large world. It features multiple realms, smaller towns and some massive castle that aim to please the aspects of the mythology. All the items have been repainted to something new while still retaining the original design making it easy to adapt to the pack.