Minecraft Toy Story Mashup Pack

Minecraft Toy Story Mashup Pack which features a standard small custom world, a set of themed skins, textures, music and UI to match the Mashup Pack

Minecraft Platforms

The Toy Story Mash-Up Pack is available on Minecraft Xbox One; Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition IOS/Android and Windows 10 for Download. The map is focused on capturing the essence of Toy Story by presenting custom textures, a selection of skins, a fresh UI with music from the movies and a special world created to emulate the theme. You'll see all the classic toys as skins to use, or as mobs within the game. This world emulates the key points from the movies, in a larger than life style. Visit Andy's room, check out the arcade or visit the special amusement park from Toy Story 4 in Minecraft. It's crazy and wild to see such a detailed and lovely world to explore out there.