Minecraft Toy Story Mash-Up Pack Review

The Minecraft Toy Story Mash-Up Pack is a Store World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Minecraft this pack provides a mash-up type of experience. This provides an overhaul to the core experience with new textures; character skins, music and a world. Everything is themed to match the Disney Pixar universe, and it’s captured wonderfully. There’s the iconic music, a familiar world to explore and some of the main characters as skin options.

I wish they would have went further with the skins in terms of the quantity and included options, but a fair amount for sure. They’re also well detailed and you get the memorable options. When it comes to the world, this might be the best of what has come from mash-up packs. You get a larger than life world that presents the key areas from all four main movies. There’s the bedroom the toys survived in, the open yards and many ways to travel between the detailed interior rooms. You can visit the arcade, the gas station and of course the large playschool section.

They even have the backyard playground area as well which was surprising. Moving past that, the unfurnished apartments is present and the dump featuring the burning section which was surprising to see. The final area is based on the latest film where you get the entire antique store along with part of the amusement park area. These structures are all massive, mostly furnished and they include some little secrets to discover.
Minecraft Toy Story Mash-Up Pack Review

The Conclusion

This Toy Story Mash-Up Pack from Minecraft is an excellent map, it presents a fantastic world to explore. You get a very impressive and larger than life environment to explore. It feels walled off and very authentic to the series. I wouldn’t say this world is really great for regular survival, somewhat niche yet that works for what it is.

The textures were quite well done, creepy mobs and a fun, yet unique look for regular building. The skins were solid, there’s a fair selection and they hit the top characters from the series. This is a really great effort, that being said I’m not sure it transfers over to regular Minecraft experiences. It’s wonderful for what it is, not where it can be taken however.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner