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Penguins Review

April 19, 2019 at 3:11pm
By Dylan Mackey

Penguins is the latest documentary film in the DisneyNature line-up. Not only have documentaries been big for the past few years but everyone who watches them always seem to be intrigued. Penguins follows the story of Steve, an Adelie penguin. The film shows Steve’s (or rather an Adelie penguin’s) life during the spring in the Antarctic.

From showing the journey it takes to make his way to the bare rocky hills, to finding love, having chicks, to leaving to open waters before winter hits again, and of course everything else in between. Disney’s Penguins was directed by Alastair Fothergill (Planet Earth, The Blue Planet) and Jeff Wilson (Our Planet). So just by the guys behind the camera you can tell that they know how to make a nature movie.
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I like watching penguins waddle around in their natural habitat as much as the next guy but it could get rather stale, thankfully, this film is not only narrated by Ed Helms, but he also voices Steve the penguin’s thoughts. He really livens up the film, adding humour and a sense of personalization to the film. David Fowler did the writing of the film, and with Ed Helms talent behind the mic these two did a great job of adding some good fun to this cute family film. The was shot beautifully, and had the breathtaking shots of Antarctica one would desire for a documentary.

Disney’s Penguins did an excellent job showing a penguin’s life, not just the simplistic side of things, but all the hazards they face along the way; from predators to natural hazards to even just the pure silliness/ clumsiness of the birds themselves. Not only was it entertaining, but the film also taught the viewers things about penguins that they may not have known. Like when Adelie penguins find a mate, the sync up their cry so they can find each other and go back to them every year. It also showed some of the predators that might not have been known like the skuas; a bird that eats baby penguins.

The Conclusion

Penguins is the latest documentary in the ever growing Disney Nature list of movies. The film gives an in-depth look into Adelie penguins, particularly during their mating season. It is a very enjoyable, family friendly movie that’s easy to watch. It keeps the audience engaged enough (including children) for the brief hour and fifteen minute runtime. Some could argue that this documentary is too short. With credits you’re really only watching for just over an hour. Wether you like documentaries or just looking for a film to pass some time with the kids, you will enjoy DisneyNature’s Penguins.

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Rating Overall: 6.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Dylan Mackey