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Sinemia Movies December 2018 Review

For yet another part of my coverage of the Sinemia movie subscription service I thought it might be neat to go over what I see in the month using it. Think of it as a review of what I viewed, typically scoring each movie and giving thoughts on this pass. For context the service I was given grants a two movie limit on my pass where I'm able to see a premium experience and a casual viewing. Each pass is different, but this is the one I was granted to provide coverage for.

It has continued to be a great option for viewing films and taken a bit of a financial load off of just going to movies I'd regularly check out. Keep in mind that this is from a Canadian perspective, but the pass does work basically the same no matter where you use it. The first film I viewed during the month of December was Holmes & Watson.

I went with the family for a standard viewing on Christmas Day as is tradition in the household. The film was awful and one of the worst I've ever seen. It should not have been given a theatrical release and was bad. It wasn't funny and did not deliver despite the strong duo it had. I gave this one a 3.2/10 which isn't the worst film score of the year on the site, but it is the lowest for anything that released in the theater that we scored.
The Favourite Movie
The second film I watched was the best film I've viewed this year in the theaters, this was "The Favourite". It's a movie that's about two ladies competing with one another for the favor of the Queen. One has been a long time close friend whereas the other comes from nothing.

It's a beautiful and elegant experience featuring striking scenes. It was a lovely showcase of what makes films come across as art and the acting was stunning. I was very impressed with this one scoring it 10/10 which has been a rarity for movies thus far on the site. It's a great use of the pass as this wasn't something I'd normally see. It certainly offers fresh opportunities for trying something different.

Those are the movies I viewed in the last month, should be interesting to see what I view over a full year of it, for now check out our review of the service below and the Sinemia hub for additional coverage. There will be a fresh six month review in the near future.

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