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Sinemia Canada Review


The Sinemia Canada review, going over this subscription pass that offers more affordable movie going options for individuals or families. I'd like to mention prior to going over this pass that I'm writing this with the mindset of their regular pricing options. At the time or writing they have extremely cheap offerings, all plans are billed annually and these current deals are a steal. I just want to reflect regular price standards when writing this for longevity. With this pass I have seen two films so far during the last month of July, those two being Ant-Man and the Wasp and Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The former I saw in DBox with all the special extras whereas the second was in a regular 2D viewing. The pass allows one premium viewing experience and one regular up to a 3D viewing, it should be noted that Atmos is considered premium as that "extra" is fairly standard in most theaters I go to.

You're able to see a premium experience once every thirty days, so it doesn't exactly reset monthly which could cause issues during a more busy season if you want to watch larger films close together. Still, this is a really good deal in general if you do the math on how much is saved and it shouldn't be hard to get value from this as a consumer. I've been given a yearly pass for two with two movies per month, I intend to follow this review up during the holidays at around the six month period and then an annual review score after I've used it for an extended time. With this type of review it's hard to know how it'll be after a short amount of time using it.
Sinemia Canada Antman Review

Service Continued
For now, I've found this to be a very simple system to use. You select what package works best and then download the app. The app has basic details that are needed for selecting films to watch and other aspects such as articles on movies. You can then plan ahead if you're watching a film in that day, you head over to the planning tab and choose advance ticket. This gives a detailed info list of how the process works, it's very straight forward. From there, choose a theater and basically all of the core options in my local city of Calgary were there.

I did notice some newer theaters aren't included, I emailed in about it and after a month haven't heard back. I'd note that as being questionable in terms of their customer support. Once a theater is selected it'll ask if you found great seats. You're supposed to go to the other app or online browser, say Cineplex and then see if there's availability for the film you want to view. Head back to the Sinemia pass. You pick the format and fill in additional details, then the app gives you a virtual credit card. That's then used to buy tickets to the movie, after that you're good to go regularly like you would to the theater. You do need to check in while at the theater, but that's not a big deal and takes seconds.

Sinemia Canada Review

The Conclusion

The Sinemia Canada subscription pass offers great value for individuals or families looking for more affordable movie options within the country. It works well being easy to understand and it carries a rather straight forward system for usage. Some elements are limiting such as the thirty day spacing, it should be one premium per month as the existing setup could cause problems. Another issue I had was with no reply to my inquiry about having a local theater added. It may not seem like a big deal, but some may appreciate faster customer support in case of any problems.

I was able to easily pick the movies I wanted to watch and then go see them. Both of these were actually quite rushed in terms of just deciding to go see a movie so last minute works fine. The app is easy to navigate and use, the check-ins are simple. This is good value whether you're wanting the standard pricing and even better if you can jump in while it's really cheap. Some minor tweaks could make this a perfect offering. I'd like to also add that we don't typically get anything like this in Canada, so this is awesome. Please note that different plans offer different features, review was reflective of the Premium Elite.

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Sinemia Canada Review
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Rating Overall: 8.0

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