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Sinemia Movies November 2018 Review

For another part of my coverage of the Sinemia movie subscription service I thought it might be neat to go over what I see in the month using it. Think of it as a review of what I viewed, typically scoring each movie and giving thoughts on this pass. For context the service I was given grants a two movie limit on my pass where I'm able to see a premium experience and a casual viewing. Each pass is different, but this is the one I was granted to provide coverage for.

It has continued to be a great option for viewing films and taken a bit of a financial load off of just going to movies I'd regularly check out. Keep in mind that this is from a Canadian perspective, but the pass does work basically the same no matter where you use it. The first film I viewed during the month of November was The Grinch.

I went with the family for an AVX viewing and it was alright. I didn't feel it was nearly as good as the live action release from years back. It did present the story fine, while adding some modern elements to it while also being an animated experience. I gave this one a 5.5/10 which is really just passing, but a fine watch of a movie I probably won't care to view again.
Sinemia Grinch
The second film I watched was just awesome, it was Overlord. This movie would have worked fine as just being a World War II film due to how well it was presented, but the extra addition of crazy mutated monsters was awesome. It basically comes down to the Nazi troops doing weird experiments while a group of Americans just need to take out a radar tower.

There's tension, elements of horror and straight up intense moments with high levels of gruesome content. It was very well done, and again a great film that could have stood alone as just being a war movie. That extra little bit of a twist really put this one over the top. I haven't reviewed it yet, but am aiming to when there's free time.

Those are the movies I viewed in the last month, should be interesting to see what I view over a full year of it, for now check out our review of the service below and the Sinemia hub for additional coverage. There will be a fresh six month review in the near future.

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