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Sinemia Movies October 2018 Review

For another part of my coverage of the Sinemia movie subscription service I thought it might be neat to go over what I see in the month using it. Think of it as a review of what I viewed, typically scoring each movie and giving thoughts on this pass. For context the service I was given grants a two movie limit on my pass where I'm able to see a premium experience and a casual viewing. Each pass is different, but this is the one I was granted to provide coverage for.

It has continued to be a great option for viewing films and taken a bit of a financial load off of just going to movies I'd regularly check out. Keep in mind that this is from a Canadian perspective, but the pass does work basically the same no matter where you use it. The first movie I viewed during October 2018 was "Bad Times at the El Royale", this was viewed in a regular seating up. I haven't given this one a review score, but do plan on doing so when I have time. It's a rather interesting almost thriller with lots of action and bizarre twists. It did get a tad long towards the ending, but the initial portions of this film are just thrilling.
Sinemia Predator
The second film I ended up watching was Halloween (2018), the latest release in the franchise and a direct sequel to the original. I viewed this in a regular seating setup as I want to get my premium open to any point in the month again, a disadvantage to one premium experience every thirty days yet per month allowance. That aside, I scored this one 9.2/10 as I absolutely loved it. The movie was chilling, surprising and just a really well done slasher. It brought the character back perfectly, fit well as a sequel and really nailed it with that enchanting theme.

Those are the movies I viewed in the last month, should be interesting to see what I view over a full year of it, for now check out our review of the service below and the Sinemia hub for additional coverage. There will be a fresh six month review in the near future.

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