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Top 10 Worst Movies in Theaters 2018

The year has been definitely fine for watching films though with so many great and perhaps even average movies, there are some that are absolutely awful. There were so many this year in fact, that this is split between overall and theatrical releases. This listing is the theatatrical worst films of 2018. We've sat through each of these movies in a theater during the year of 2018 and have included our original reviews with each so you can get an idea of the quality at play.

These are just some awful efforts and most likely ones you should just forget ever even released. While we enjoy watching films, these ones make it tougher. Here are the Top 10 Worst Movies in Theaters 2018, reviewed and viewed by the site. First off, special mention to Happytime Murders that we didn't have time to write about, but would have gladly included.

#10: Super Troopers 2

This film was very much a retread of the original while just giving it a Canadian twist. Some of those elements were funny, but for the most part this wasn't great. It didn't feel very original and it really didn't do anything new, lacked a fresh take on the characters.
The Super Troopers 2 Review

#9: Johny English Strikes Again

I didn't really hate this one, but could clearly tell that this wasn't a great film. It was another one of those laughs at the old ways of doing things while mocking modern tech. It wasn't great, still had the charm of the character but the premise was bad. The villain was horrible and it generally felt awkward for the most part.
Johny English Strikes Again Review

#8: Tomb Raider

They really ruined what was the chance to make a great Tomb Raider film. The source material from the rebooted games are fantastic and they sort of mashed moments from that together. They took away a lot of character development that mattered by adding in certain characters and I didn't like this take on the character. It was also a very slow film that didn't really have anything too memorable.
The Tomb Raider Review
Mortal Engines Movie

#7: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This one had some beautiful sets, but got so strange once the main villain was revealed. That aspect wasn't even a surprise, but a tipping point where this descended into madness. The CGI was not great, glaring actually and it wasn't a very exciting film to watch.
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Review

#6: Fifty Shades Freed

Well, it's finally over now. This series shouldn't be able to bother anyone, anymore! This ended the trilogy doing more of the same, but in another strange new way.
The Fifty Shades Freed Review

#5: Mortal Engines

This is yet another one of those youth based apocalyptic films that came out too late. It's really long, boring and doesn't care for the neat premise it provides of massive moving cities. The characters weren't great, there were many useless side moments and the only character with a soul was a minor robot.
The Mortal Engines Review

Holmes and Watson Movie

#4: Pacific Rim Uprising

Aside from putting people asleep in the theater, this was just horrible. Coming from the awesome original film this one betrays everything that stood for. We get floaty, weird machines driven by kids of all things. It ruins characters from the first movie and is just a bad time. Sad.
The Pacific Rim Uprising Review

#3: The House with a Clock in its Walls

Aimed at the younger audience this is a fairly generic tale with some weak moments. It really goes off the rails in the late part of the film and gets weird. It wasn't particularly strong, a weaker effort for sure.
The House with a Clock in its Walls Review

#2: Welcome to Marwen

Part weird CGI, part strange PTSD this film is just an awful mixed bag. It was slow, meandering and very long in terms of the run time. It had moments of cringe and almost two separate movies that clashed at times. It was all over the place and not a good time.
The Welcome to Marwen Review

#1: Holmes & Watson

Certainly a last minute entry, this spoof-like film should have never been in theaters. While there are minor sparks of the duo's past connections this release is just bad. It isn't at all funny, the characters are terrible and it carries a very weak plot. It's basically taking an interesting detective and then making them beyond useless, an awful time.
The Holmes & Watson Review

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