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DayZ Xbox One Private Servers Confirmed

The DayZ Xbox One private servers confirmed as a feature being brought to the game. These servers will allow players to run their own separate worlds limiting access to others while also controlling certain elements of the experience. There's currently no set date for when this feature will be present within the Xbox Game Preview title, but it's just been confirmed again after being mentioned multiple times by the developer Bohemia.

It was most recently mentioned in Twitter "Yes, we plan to have private servers on Xbox." in response to the question "will xbox users be able to make private/custom servers in the future?". That thread can be read below, it acts as a perfect confirmation that this will eventually come. No other information has been presented, but this will most likely be a premium service as is the fashion in many similar titles. For now, read our thoughts on the game for the Xbox One platform or view the DayZ Hub for other details about the general game of zombies.
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Update: New information has been provided regarding the private servers, Bohemia is now looking into companies to handle this element for the console platforms. From the new mentioned tweet ”We definitely want private servers, but we’re still negotiating with several companies on how we could provide them. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem :)” and that tweet thread can be read below as the second linked mentioned option.

Update Part 2: It was confirmed that private servers are set to be available with 1.04 at the end of July for console platforms. You can read about costs and details from the link below.

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