Destroy All Humans! Cut Content Area 42 Restored Details

August 24, 2020 at 5:35pm
By Jason Stettner

Through our interview with the Creative Director on Destroy All Humans! we’ve learned more about the cut content in the game. This remake brings back a sort of lost Area 42 level and the team at Black Forest Games was able to bring that to this new version.

They felt that this addition helped fill a gap within the narrative that was left open. It was also their goal to provide a homage to the original development team by doing so. We quite enjoyed the title, and feel it’s a worthy remake of that original fun experience.

You can see the quoted part of the interview below, alongside a link to see the full in-depth interview. It’s always fun to organize these insights into games, as they provide great details on the development of the game.
Destroy All Humans Xbox Series X
Question: I understand that some cut content was worked on for this entry. What was it like to take a look at things from so many years ago, and then fully realize that vision of missed out on content from the past?

Jean-Marc Haessig, Creative Director at Black Forest Games; ”When we went through the source material, we found unused audio from a shelved mission as well as some designs. This inspired us to restore a mission in Area 42 that wasn’t in the original game, as it also fills in a gap in the story players probably didn’t notice back when playing the original.

And, in a way, it was our homage to the original development team. We know the myriad of circumstances in game development resulting in something getting “cut”, so we took this opportunity to “uncut” that, and we hope the result is close to their original thoughts.”

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