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Destroy All Humans! More Remakes are Possible

July 7, 2019 at 7:32pm
By Jason Stettner

Destroy All Humans! was at E3 2019 with a remake of the original title in the franchise. While I was at the event I was able to spend an extended period of time chatting with the developers. With that, I was able to inquire about certain elements of what they were hoping to achieve with this revamp.

One of the questions I had was regarding remakes of the other titles, or if they’d like to someday make their own fresh entry. To start, they mentioned that this remake was possible due to the high demand from fans. THQ Nordic was constantly bombarded with requests, and now it’s being delivered.
Destroy All Humans! Screenshot
The developers on hand mentioned that they would like to also remake the sequel. That is of course assuming that this one performs and is received well. It was further noted that it is unlikely that three or four would ever get a similar treatment, not enough fan reception for those ones.

They also would like to make their own new entry in the franchise, and to use the original main voice actors if they go to do so at some point down the road. Again, with the mention of how this remake performs when it releases. That release will determine how likely we are to see any other follow-ups past this one. You can read our preview of the game from E3 2019 below, or check out the hub for the event to check out additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner