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Far Cry 3: Classic Edition is Not a Remaster

Far Cry 5 will include a surprising bonus with its season pass with that being Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. The Classic version will only include the single player content and will be available four weeks prior to it going on sale as a standalone purchase this summer for Xbox One or Playstation 4. One of the popular questions regarding this special inclusion in the season pass was to inquire what's been done to the game that released during the last generation. This is of course whether it's a straight port of the game or if it's been given any sort of enhancements for the current generation consoles.

I can confirm according to my Ubisoft rep that this is not a remaster and just a re-release, or well generally a port of the game. There are no further details as to where this version is ported from, but it's not changed from the original release. Whatever the case it'll be a nice first visit or perhaps a revisit to the Rook Islands. In the game you'll come face to face with the notorious Vaas and battle it out across a lovely landscape. If you're on PC you won't miss out as you'll get the full version of Far Cry 3 with the season pass or Gold edition of the game.

The quoted wording
"FC3 will be a re-release, not a new remastered version of the game."

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