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Gears 5 PC Xbox Play Anywhere Confirmed

Gears 5 PC is confirmed as a release, it'll also be a Xbox Play Anywhere title. This follows the other recent Gears games being released on Windows 10 PC as well as on Xbox One consoles. Being a Play Anywhere title it'll be available on both platforms if you buy it digitally. Purchase it once on PC or Xbox One, own it on both of them. It's a great way to play the game, and it adds extra value to the experience. More ways to get players into the general multiplayer pool, the better.

The game will also debut as a Xbox Game Pass title if you're subscribed to the service. For context, this fifth entry in the franchise continues the advanced narrative that the fourth game started. It follows the kids of the main characters from the original trilogy, many years later. This time around it's focused on Kait as she learns about her past and of course still JD Fenix as he deals with the growing Swarm threat. Read about the enhanced details below, or check out the hub for additional coverage on the franchise.

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