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Gears 5 Won't be at X018

It looks like yet another heavy hitter from Xbox won't be present at X018 with Gears 5 sitting out. This follows the announcement that Halo Infinite won't be there, but luckily Crackdown 3 will be there for fans of that franchise. That information aside, despite the love for Gears of War in Mexico, the game is apparently not ready to be shown. This is from one of The Coalition developers during a livestream (Twitch) on the official channel where it was asked if it will be present at the event. Their response is noted as "We are still far from ready to talk about Gears 5".

That's another large game that won't be present at this FanFest that continues to not really carry that many big key titles. Still, it should be interesting to see what's announced at the event as there are supposed to be some surprises. It won't be like the Playstation Experience, just a slightly improved XboxFanFest experience. That's all the details for now other than you won't apparently see the game there it would seem. You might see Gears: Tactics or Gears: Pop! You can find more Gears of War coverage in our hub below and read about the Gears 5 Xbox One X enhanced details below.

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