Google Stadia August 2020 Games Announced

August 18, 2020 at 7:17pm
By Jason Stettner

A selection of fresh Google Stadia games for the rest of August 2020 have been announced, with further releases aside from this listing also expected at a later time. This includes a selection of exclusive titles, and other games making their way onto the store front. The quick list is to follow, and then more in-depth descriptions afterwards.

Games List
-Rock of Ages III (August 14th)
-PGA Tour 2K21 (August 21st)
-Spiritfarer (August 18th to 21st)
-SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete (August 18th)
-DOOM (August 18th)

DOOM Stadia
You can now start living your dream as a pro golfer in PGA Tour 2K21. Make a name for yourself and master the links with a deeply customizable experience that embraces every aspect of professional golf. Build your reputation as you take on the world’s greatest pros and courses. PGA Tour 2K21 arrives on the Stadia store August 21. Purchase it for $59.99 USD.

In Spiritfarer, become the ferry master for spirits on their way to the afterlife. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and poignant writing complement this thoughtful and inspiring tale. Check out Spiritfarer when it releases on Stadia later this week.

In the meantime, do you like time-bending, slow-mo, action-packed, cinematic FPS ninja-like puzzle challenges? Then play SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete, the long-awaited sequel to the fan favorite hit shooter where time only moves when you do. SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete hits Stadia today. Purchase it in the Stadia store for a limited-time promotional price – $14.99 USD for Stadia Pro subscribers or $17.49 for everyone else (regular price: $24.99).

And if you purchased SUPERHOT from the Stadia store before August 18th, you’re eligible for a free copy of SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete. Just send your receipt to, and they’ll hook you up with an activation key. Please note that players who claimed the original SUPERHOT with a Stadia Pro subscription are not eligible for this offer.

DOOM Eternal has already rocked your world. Now, play the DOOM that set a new gold standard for modern FPS games. Enjoy more demon slaying action with one of the best shooters of the decade instantly on Stadia. DOOM (2016) is ready to buy on Stadia today for $19.99.

Baldur’s Gate 3 News
There’s a special livestream from Larian Studios, which will grant the ability to learn the Early Access release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Stadia. Join the Panel from Hell – Geoff Keighley, Dungeons & Dragons principal game designer Chris Perkins, and Larians own Swen Vincke and Adam Smith – to see the final part of the Baldur’s Gate 3 cinematic intro and do a deep dive into the Early Access content.

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