Google Stadia PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Released & 2020 Games Announced

April 28, 2020 at 10:15pm
By Jason Stettner

Google Stadia Connect went live today with the announcement of eleven 2020 games for the platform. This includes the well known battle royale title dubbed “PUBG” being available right now. Pro Stadia players get the Pioneer Edition ($39.99) for free. The base game costs $29.99 which includes the Survivor Pass: Cold Front and an exclusive skin.

There was also the announcement of a partnership with EA, bringing some of the biggest hits to the platform. This includes Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order during Fall 2020. It will be followed by Madden NFL and FIFA in Winter 2020. More titles to follow.
Google Stadia PUBG
Crayta is another game that will be first on Stadia, and free with the Pro service. “Crayta brings together players of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to create multiplayer games and share them with their families, friends and the rest of the world. Create, collaborate, play, and share your own games”.

There’s also Get Packed which is first on Stadia for $19.99 releasing on April 28, 2020. “Get Packed is a co-op game full of calamity and carnage for 1-4 players in online or local play. Help the town of Ditchlington move their belongings within Campaign, Versus, and Destruction game modes and leave a trail of mayhem in your wake!”

Wave Break will be first on Stadia with no release date noted. “Wave Break is an arcade-style skateboarding game, set in a crime-filled 1980s Miami Vice inspired world, built-from the ground up for online multiplayer. Choose from a variety of aquatic vehicles, and take to the waters as you grab, grind, and kickflip your boat across a series of exotic locations around the world.”

Embr is first on Stadia and PC, will include Stream Connect with early access beginning on May 21, 2020. “Join Embr, THE Emergency Services Revolution, and become an Embr Respondr today! Fight fires and save lives while climbing the ladder of success, all within the comfort of flexible working hours. Embr's mission is simple; bring über firefighting to everyone, everywhere.”

Other Games
Zombie Army 4: Dead War ($49.99) free with Stadia Pro on May 1, 2020

Octopath Traveler ($59.99) on April 28, 2020.

Rock of Ages 3 (Available in June)

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