Google's Statement on Alex Hutchinson's Comments on Game Streaming

October 22, 2020 at 6:21pm
By Jason Stettner

Earlier today Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at the Montreal Studio of Stadia Games made a comment on the recent content pulling going on at Twitch (due to music copyright).

The take he provided was that streamers should be worried, and that they should be paying developers and publishers for the games they stream. I reached out to our Google Stadia contact for comment and received this statement below. You can get full context on the discussion thread further as well.

A statement from Stadia. ”The recent tweets by Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at the Montreal Studio of Stadia Games and Entertainment, do not reflect the opinions of Stadia, YouTube or Google.”
Google's Statement on Alex Hutchinson
This is in response to the initial tweet comment from him ”Streamers worried about getting their content pulled because they used music they didn't pay for should be more worried by the fact that they're streaming games they didn't pay for as well. It's all gone as soon as publishers decide to enforce it.”

This was further fueled by the comment ”The real truth is the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and paying for the content they use.”

He goes further by noting ”Amazing to me that people are upset at someone saying that the creators of content should be allowed to make some of the money from other people using their content for profit.” and then later joking about going to stream Fall Guys. The comments have been a huge trending point on Twitter today, and have been getting a lot of response from the gaming community. You can see further coverage from us on the platform below as well as see this Twitter thread sourced as well. The comment from a representative is not from Twitter, but our own sourced inquiry.

Twitter Thread
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