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Minecraft Java Will No Longer Include Minecraft Windows 10

The Minecraft Java Edition will no longer include Minecraft Windows 10 Edition for free. The final cut-off was October 19, 2018 though existing codes can still be used after that point. There was no reason specifically given for this change of policy, but most likely the offering has served its purpose. Granting access to this new version of "Bedrock" was a great way to get players trying out the fresh iteration and crafting it further as it developed.

The latter version has reached full maturity and no longer needs the connection to the original Java version that so many still enjoy. Both versions are still being developed for and supported with the Windows 10 offering having cross-play with all platforms aside from Playstation 4. That includes support for the Windows 10 PC version to play seamlessly with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition and Virtual Reality versions. For more coverage check out our Minecraft hub below or a review of the Norse Mythology Mash-Up Pack.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner