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Minecraft New Bedrock Graphics Engine Details

April 22, 2019 at 3:52am

While it has been a long time since any details have been released in regards to the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics pack and accompanying improvements, new information has been released. This comes in the form of a tweet from @HelenAngel on Twitter, the community manager for Minecraft. She brings a neat fact that there are ”only 8 people working on the new Bedrock graphics engine”.

The team is noted as working tirelessly every day to make the new engine support the thirteen different platforms that the game exists on. This is also in addition to support for virtual reality and mixed reality. Keep in mind that Education Edition and Bedrock Dedicated servers are a part of this transition. For context, this in regards to the completely revamped 4k resolution with HDR supported version of Minecraft that was teased many years ago for Xbox One X.

The development proved to be more difficult than anticipated for the development team on the project, hence the years of it being worked on quietly since the reveal. It’s a strange series of events as it was even hyped with a large scale musical trailer. For more from the block building series, check out our hub for coverage on the franchise below.

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