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Minecraft Pandas Announced with Bamboo

Minecraft Pandas announced with bamboo as well being an accompanying material that can be used to build with. These cuddly creatures can be found within their distinct environment with vast bamboo crowding over these creatures living their lives. The Pandas are located within the Jungle biomes of the game. They will usually be surrounded by their favorite food source. The bamboo can be broken similar to sugar canes and then used as a fresh wood type being scaffolding in concept.

The bamboo can be passed by walking around within its square area not blocking player's progression. Pandas will eat the resource and even roll on their back, you can mate the creatures using your animal husbandry skills. Their character model is distinct, yet similar in style to the pig in terms of structure. They are set for the Minecraft "Village and Pillage" update with more news coming in the near future. Fresh Cats will also join them in this partial mob update. For now, check out our Minecraft hub for additional details on the game with vast quantities of exciting block based coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner