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Minecraft Papercraft Adventure Details, Release Date

The Minecraft Papercraft Adventure details and release date have been revealed with the new store world arriving on August 28, 2018. It was created by Jigarbov Productions and is available for Bedrock editions of the game. This includes Minecraft Xbox One; Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition IOS/Android, Windows 10 PC and Virtual Reality platforms.

This pack aims to provide a completely custom experience with one large scale area designed as if it were a larger than life classroom and paper styled mobs creatures. Every single mob has been given a fresh design featuring a distinct look. This is a 3-7 hour adventure featuring an entirely open world to explore. There are over 50 quests with various tasks such as puzzles, stories, parkour and bosses.
Minecraft Papercraft Adventure Screenshot
The Minecraft Papercraft Adventure is both a single and multiplayer experience. This allows for groups to work together in their quest or for players to enjoy it all alone. There are a variety of locations to visit with themes such as Aquatic beaches, islands, castles, mansions, and ice areas. There's also an optional survival mode for players that want extra content out of this level.

The general goal is to collect star stickers by completing tasks within the diorama environment areas to unlock new areas and get a higher rank. Again, this world is set to release on August 28, 2018 in the Minecraft Store as a world. You can check out a pile of world reviews in our Minecraft hub area below and look forward to a review of this map in the future.

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