Nintendo Switch Lite Outsold Xbox One in Launch Time Span

January 31, 2020 at 2:55am
By Jason Stettner

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell incredibly well, and with a comparison to the Xbox One it’s been blowing that console’s launch out of the water. According to “Daniel Ahmad”; a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners which is sourced below, the Lite version of the Nintendo Switch has outsold the original Xbox One in the same time span. That might sound confusing, but the Lite version if a variation on the Nintendo console whereas the Xbox One is the general console from the launch of that platform.
Nintendo Switch Lite vs Xbox One
”It took Microsoft a total of 129 days to ship 5.10 million units of the original Xbox One after it launched in Nov 2013.

It has taken Nintendo 102 days to ship 5.19 million units of the Switch Lite which launched Sep 2019.”

With those statistics, even this side version of the console is doing far better than the Xbox console did in the same time span. Keep in mind that there are some variations to take into account.

That includes being many years apart, the changing gaming landscape and the expanded markets that Nintendo is able to penetrate that the Xbox just can’t. That’s it for now, read about Lucky’s recent adventure below, or the general hub for Nintendo for additional coverage.

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