Rainbow Six Siege Xbox One X Enhanced & PS4 Pro Support Coming

Rainbow Six Siege has seen some incredible improvements since it launched with a constant flow of new maps and agents releasing. These have been free with options to grab it all early by purchasing a seasonal pass. One aspect that has been left out for awhile is whether the game will get touched up for the better iterative consoles. According to a reply from the official Rainbow Six Siege twitter updates will be on the way. This will come in the form of a Xbox One X enhanced update for Xbox and a Playstation 4 Pro patch for Playstation. No details were given on what sort of enhancements will be made and there's no current release date. They did mention it's on their development road map though no ETA. I've copied the tweet details below as well as linked to the thread. We look forward to checking out the enhancements as this game has really come together through the various updates since it launched.

Original question was in regards to getting the game updated to support the improvements on Xbox One X/PS4 Pro. The response: "This is definitely on our road map! We do not have an ETA for it though." - January 25th, 2018.

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