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Sinemia Account Terminations Alert & Details

March 30, 2019 at 3:43am

Sinemia has released details on the recent account terminations that have been going on in regards to the service and the users that have it. They mention that after conducting a detailed fraud and misuse detection analysis in March 2019, that a small number of accounts have been removed for fraudulent activity and/or misuse. It is noted that an estimated five percent of revenues for businesses are lost due to fraud every year, this is from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Sinemia has removed approximately three percent of the user base due to misuse or fraudulent activity. In comparison, Moviepass has stated that twenty percent of their subscribers were misusing the system.

This is what happens, when an account is removed from the service. There’s a notification that’s sent to the mobile device of the user, to let them know when they’ve detected account usage. That violates the terms of service. It also provides potential reasons, Sinemia issues a full refund for the difference between a user’s memberships payment and fees, and tick purchases to the user’s payment method.
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Common ways an account may be misused:
- Unauthorized use of the card/cardless outside of its intended purposes, resulting in fraudulent financial activity. An example, this could be purchasing concessions at the theater instead of a movie ticket. Also, using multiple Sinemia accounts on the same device.
-Not checking in at the theater before or after a movie.
-Seeing the same movie more than three times.
-Creating multiple Sinemia accounts for the same person.
-Sharing one’s Sinemia membership to buy tickets for other people. This includes not only people buying tickets and selling to others, but also people sharing their own tickets with friends and family members.
-Manipulation of location data resulting in deceptive ticket purchases. For example, faking GPS data on a phone.
-Reasonable suspicion of fraud and/or abuse.

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