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UNIQLO Pokémon UT Collection Release Date & Pricing

July 5, 2019 at 2:03am
By Daniel Young

UNIQLO has just launched a brand new special line of clothing based on the iconic Pokémon franchise. This selection was based on twenty-two winning designs selected from 18,000 entries. Fans from more than forty different countries and regions entered the contest.

This was part of a Grand Prix 2019 design contest and it’s a limited edition clothing run that starts on July 5, 2019. The items can be viewed and purchased online, or in UNIQLO Canadian stores.
UNIQLO Pokémon UT Collection
There are sizes for men and women at $19.90 CAD and ranging from XXS to XXL. There are also kids options at $14.90 CAD for ages 3-13. The color/pattern options include ten for men, ten for women and five for kids. It is also noted that the designs will likely sell out fast.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the Pokémon franchise it’s all about catching them all and doing so in many ways. There are games on various Nintendo platforms, as well as on the mobile device with the ever popular GO title about getting out into the real world to catch the various creatures out there. Read our review of the legendary Xbox Onesie below, or view the gear hub for a similar coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Daniel Young