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Xbox 2018 Commercial Uses MX4D Technology

MediaMation and Xbox announce the national debut of two new cinematics that utilize MMI's immersive MX4D Motion EFX technology in select theaters. The Xbox advertisements will provide moviegoers across the United States with a 4D motion ad experience that will run in select MX4D technology enabled theatres from September 14 – November 1, 2018. The showcases will first present Forza Horizon 4 and then a mix with the Xbox Game Pass being the second ad.

This tech enables advertisers to convert any existing ad into an immersive experience via in-seat sensory technology and theatrical effects, including seat rumblers, wind generators, strobe lights, scent and more. Christine Martino, executive vice president of Ad Sales, Screenvision Media. "MX4D gives our partners, like Xbox, the opportunity to seamlessly transform their traditional ads into disruptive, engaging and interactive experiences for moviegoers across the country." In general this should be an interesting and new way to experience ads, to really get a sense of feeling for what's being presented. It's the first mix of its kind for gaming advertisement and works perfectly with the setup of seeing a movie with the same presentation.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner