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Xbox Backwards Compatibility Time Played Milestone 2018

Xbox Backwards Compatibility continues to impress not only with the quantity of over 450 games, but also the enhancements we're seeing for a number of them on Xbox One X. It's crazy to see how fast this service has grown and the type of releases it has seen. There are obviously many players enjoying these old games and they've had a couple classics become rather popular again due to their re-release. With that, a milestone was passed at the end of February 2018 in terms of game time. As of that date players on Xbox One have spent more than 840 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on their console.

That's amazing and clearly showcases the desire for these older games to still be enjoyed. This follows another batch of Xbox One X Enhanced games such as Crackdown, Fable: Anniversary, Forza Horizon and the Witcher 2. Xbox also mentioned "Compatibility is important to Xbox, to developers and their games, and our community. Preserving the art form of video games is part of our DNA, which is why Xbox One is the only console designed to play the best games of the past, present and future." The service truly is incredible including Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games for Xbox One going forward.

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