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Xbox Japanese Publishers on Stage Matters for the Console

After having some key Japanese publishers on stage during E3 2017 it would seem Phil Spencer of Xbox feels that it was a strong moment for the platform and a showcase of support for those types of games. This is based on some recent tweets where he comments on the shape of the Xbox E3 2018 conference and their pre-planning for it. "Last year was fun for games published by Japanese publishers on our stage. Xbox fans were incredible during moments like DBZ, publishers pay attention to that, feeling good about support." A definite comment towards thoughts on how publishers feel good about the type of support and how that works towards future thoughts of the platform.

This response was prompted after an individual inquired as to whether fans will see Japanese titles at E3. The discussion continued with Phil Spencer's comment of "And the Xbox customers support MH has been so good, thanks for doing that. Talked to that team for quite awhile about the opportunity outside of Japan for that IP and congrats to Capcom on the success. That matters for Xbox." It's great to see support for all types of developers or publishers and that Monster Hunter World has been such a success within fresh markets. We'll be sure to keep everyone up to date on E3 2018 as we attend for the fourth time in a row and we'll be in attendance of Xbox's E3 2018 showcase assuming they're doing another one this year. These comments definitely show Japanese publishers that is in support of their work and that their presence on the stage matters for the console platform.

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