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Calgary Screamfest 2019

Being local to Calgary, it’s always great to cover the events available here. The Calgary Screamfest event really is a staple within the city that continues to delivers on the scares and entertainment around the Halloween time. It provides haunted houses, various carnival games and some other performances.

It gets adjusted yearly, bringing in new things each time it comes around. They’ve even tried HEX which provided more of a market atmosphere and some spooky guests as well in order to grow it. They really do deliver on the spooky scares you would want, and do so by providing something for teens to adults as well.

It’s definitely an interesting staple within the city, and an enticing experience for those that dive into the horrors of the beyond. Intense music, good times for groups and of course some scares along the way if that’s what you’re after as well. Certainly something those in the city enjoy checking out.