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Current Projects

-Subway/LRT transit system (constant)
-Beach Area
-Amusement Park
-Residential Flattening
-More PVP maps
-Business Park

Future Projects

-Hunger Games Arena
-Spleef Arena
-Deathmatch Arena

Proud Creations

-The Estates
-Strip Mine (alternate entrance)
-Nether Portal (for outside Estates)
-Public Enchantment area
-Skyland Farm
-Barracks (Housing for new players)
-Fountain/Town Square
-Cookies Be Crumblin' Bakery
-A Cog, A Sapartan & a Coffee Shop
-Map Board
-Sky Apartments
-Docks (2+)
-Main Road System
-Skyland Mall

We're constantly building new structures and key buildings for Skyland Online. Always looking for suggestions and help on projects as well. If you have ideas, let us know!