Anker PowerPort II with Power Delivery iPhone XS Review

The Anker PowerPort II is an excellent option for swiftly charging your iPhone XS, or really any modern phone. It is a compact, and powerful offering. There are two key port options for charging with a standard USB and a USB-C. The latter is able to provide an incredible 30W charge. It charges fast and well which is what's really desired for these types of plug-ins. These two port options assist with almost any sort of modern device. It should be noted that for iPhone devices you'll need a Lightning to USB-C for support of the 30W port.

You can plug in multiple types of phones and even the Nintendo Switch (play and charge not supported). This is great for me as I like to have more charging options while at home and on the go. It's nice to have this type of port availability for perhaps older locations that I'm staying at. Power is important and keeping your devices going is essential for modern work or even casual travel. While it's not absolutely tiny, this is a good shape and size making it easy to take with you. Hopefully further iterations will be a tad smaller, but I understand the limitations involved with this sort of device. Not saying it is large by any means, just have a desire for one that's smaller.

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This is a very easy device to use and one that's reliable. While it sits in standby is uses less than 0.5W of power. That information is for those that just keep it plugged in. Going back to the size it is 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.1 inches with a weight of around 150 grams. That should help give a sense of its scale and portability for your personal situation.

It features a sleek white look and you really don't notice it once it's plugged in. There's a small LED light indicator on it as shown in the image that lets you know the charger is working properly. This light is not too bright so it won't become annoying in the dark, but can be spotted easily if you're checking on the plug. It definitely charges quickly and I've been testing it with two iPhone XS' in the household, it has been very efficient. We nestle it in a wall plug-in and then have multiple charging possibilities based on other members of the household needing to use it with other devices.

The Conclusion

The Anker PowerPort II with Power Delivery works great with the iPhone XS delivering an excellent charge while being compact for portability. It looks sleek and is light enough for any sort of travel. The port options are great no matter your current cord situation supporting the modern USB-C or the standard traditional USB port.

I would have liked it to be a tad smaller in terms of size, but it does feel similar to standard wall plugs minus the weight those carry. It plugs in easily and has a fold-up feature to keep the item square. There's certainly fast charging and I've had no problems using it being very happy with the performance and output it has provided.

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Anker PowerPort II Review product provided by Anker tested with a iPhone XS, Nintendo Switch

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner