Kami Mini Review

April 12, 2021 at 9:44pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a surprisingly affordable and small format indoor security camera option. It’s actually very surprising in regards to what it provides for the cost point of this one. You’re getting a small wired camera option that could be easily setup in a number of places that provides a solid viewing angle.

It’s a 1080p wide angle lens. You actually get a fairly wide perspective that can be viewed from two scenarios within the app. You’re also able to take advantage of a surprisingly well done night vision mode which makes this an all day solution.

This is an IR night vision so this further has some adjustment choices to it. It captures the room in decent detail with SD or HD options to choose from with that signal quality of course being determined by your Wifi signal. It also has motion detection for when moving things pass it.

This was typically accurate for making sure it popped notifications for things passing by, at times though it may be a tad too sensitive as well in that regard. There is also a moment or two delay on what you see, and I believe the motion is 20fps. It is actually fairly clear though, you can really point out details well from across a long room which is important.
Kami Mini photo test
You can store these situations using a SD card, or record moments from your app and there’s also a cloud storage solution Kami offers for a premium as well. If you want something beyond visuals, there’s a built in audio option that can capture the sound in the room fairly well and also allow you to project your voice through the device which is decently loud.

I do wish there were options for adjusting that loudness, there may be some but I didn’t notice it being an option. There is a mute though. Looking at the device itself, this is fairly aesthetically pleasing. You can very much tell this is a camera, so if you’re going for stealth this isn’t really for that. It has a wide base so it won’t fall over, and also some small bits of grip on that stand too.

The camera mounted spot is very thin, and allows for some positioning. I would say it might be nice to have a bit of a pivot to this, but the wide style of the camera sort of defeats the need for that, at least in my opinion in that matter. The power cord length is of a solid length, I would have liked a smaller power brick portion though.

It fits fine on my power bar, but it could have been thinner I thought. It would be nice to have some more color options, I think a sleek black would fit into my room a bit better. The pairing system was super easy for this, and it took maybe a minute to do so. Some other features to mention include Google Assistant and Alexa device playback/livestream.

The Conclusion

The Kami Mini provides great value for a compact design that offers a surprisingly good viewing angle among other nice features. It actually does pack quite a lot into what’s a seriously affordable option. If you’re looking for something like this design it will definitely suffice for many situations.

It’s not necessarily perfect, but I’m not sure you’ll get many options that are close to what this has. It also looks visually nice and would fit into a room well. You get a wide viewing angle which has some nice quality to the sharpness and decent sound options for chatting if needed. It can record the situations that are important and it does have cloud options at a premium price to take that further if it’s needed.

I don’t really have too many complaints considering the price this comes in at. It should get the job done, capture your room well and allow for the needed communication you’d have. The night vision is also quite surprising within it.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner