LG HomeBrew CES 2019 Preview

January 21, 2019 at 1:17am

The LG HomeBrew was possibly the most innovative thing I saw while attending CES 2019. It certainly had the biggest applause during their conference and it carried a massive following while it was on the show floor. The product was a serious draw in an already very busy area.

This very well might be the greatest advance in home brewing technology ever, taking a long process and making it a simplistic couple week wait time. You throw in some ingredients that come in small coffee-like cup packaging, then await your five glorious liters. This device brings revolutionary simplicity to the art of brewing with one touch activation.
LG HomeBrew ces 2019
Using a set of single-use capsules which contain malt, yeast, hop oil and flavoring. Include the simple press of a button, anyone can relax as LG HomeBrew automates the whole procedure from fermentation, carbonation and aging. This automation also includes serving while also cleaning itself along the way. A free companion app (Android and iOS devices) lets users check HomeBrew’s status at any time, anywhere. That sounds truly wonderful. An optimized fermentation algorithm intelligently controls the fermenting process with precise temperature and pressure control for guaranteed brewing success.

It basically takes all the work out of the setup and process. It also looks really neat up close as I was able to view the preparation of a batch. Five distinctive, richly flavored beers are sure to impress with the hoppy American IPA; golden American Pale Ale, full bodied English Stout, zesty Belgian style Witbier and the dry Czech Pilsner. This is certainly something to look forward to in the future, I know I'm certainly awaiting its release. You can read more about what I checked out while at CES this year from the hub below or see my thoughts on the recently announced Roll-up TV from LG.

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