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Nahimic Mac 3D Audio Solution CES 2019 Preview

January 27, 2019 at 9:27pm

The Nahimic Mac 3D Audio Solution was one of the Unveiled things I checked out while at the special event. This particular booth was focused on software, presenting audio in a better format on Mac devices. This was specifically on a Macbook which makes sense considering the space available at the event and it was neat. The point of this software is to give you better control over how things sound from your device and to create a sense of 3D space.

This is the Nahimic audio software, it allows for a fancy type of way to control how the audio is presented. Aside from the sound being all around you, there's calibration and a volume amplifier. These are main components of what this brings. You'll be able to get 200% of initial capacities without any distortion and safely. This was of course one of my main concerns, but they were confident. This is available as of January 7, 2019 for $34.99 USD on the Nahimic site.
Nahimic Mac 3D Audio Solution ces 2019
To continue describing the product, this was mainly about using sound in a better way. I will say that Apple products are typically solid for audio, but they do lack in some areas in that regard. With this easy to use software you're getting a considerable boost which is great. The core aspect here that's neat is based on their focus on realistic and spatial sound on even the simplest audio equipment. I was able to directly test their offerings within an enclosed area for a better demo since it's loud there.

The Macbook was able to surprisingly deliver a sense of space and depth with what I was listening to. I could also turn the effect on and off to see what it did. The results were splendid, sounding excellent across some music and a couple of the latest trailers. It was all around you when running and that's just the best way to experience audio. I'm impressed, looking to check out the full software offering in the future. You can read about the included photo of this article below and check out the CES 2019 hub for additional coverage from the event.

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