Ovis Smart Suitcase CES 2019 Preview

The Ovis Smart Suitcase at CES 2019 was an interesting take on modern luggage. This unique setup will provide a type of suitcase that will follow you around by itself. It doesn't need to be tracking anything, it knows you and responds to where you're headed. This will simplify life for many travelers as its one less things to have to carry or lug around while you get ready to board the plane or just when you're walking around after exiting one.

This is a ForwardX Robotics concept and one that is actually applicable to real world situations as the Ovis release date is set for the second quarter 2019. It'll retail for $799 USD and be available on many online stores. More specific details to follow on this product. It features a four hour battery run time of thirteen miles. It takes less than three hours to charge and has a removable battery.
Ovis Smart Suitcase ces 2019
It's also all airlines friendly in case you were curious, with a TSA approved lock. The capacity is worth thirty two liters and in general it is a twenty inch carry-on that was designed by Tumi. There's optional GPS tracking and a smart wristband with anti-lost alarm. It was neat to see in action as it followed around a demonstrator while at this event I was invited to. You could also see the cameras to understand how it was registering things and it worked quite well.

I should mention it has a manual option if you'd like a traditional case and it doesn't register gestures at this current point. I get that the option may seem odd, but sometimes you need to get it to stop running by itself. It does seem to have an understanding of the environment and this would certainly be entertaining/helpful at an airport or even just moving around after you've arrived somewhere. I know all too well the struggles of taking luggage around, this would help a lot. Even more so for those that travel around a lot in a year. You can read more from CES at the hub link below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner