POW Mo CES 2019 Preview

The POW Mo at CES 2019 was one of the more interesting takes on speakers at the show. It's basically one of those sink in type items you might have come across at some point, but used in a speaker. In full form it sticks out a bit, but at any point you can squish it for a compact version. It's rather neat, comes across as quite durable and is easy to pack in for better travel. The POW Mo price is set at $99.99 USD with pre-orders starting January 22, 2019 and the first line release date set for February 2019.

The design comes in two colors of either Snow or Graphite. The device is water resistant, UV stable and compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 at a range of up to 100ft. It charges through a USB-C cord and delivers eight hours of runtime on a full two hour charge. The general specs are a length of 4.375", width at 2.5", height while collapsed of 0.937", and it weighs approximately 7 oz.
POW Mo ces 2019
There are also a number of accessories available if you'd like to add to the core product. Another neat aspect is that you can take two of them to create a Stereo Sync, where two individual Mo speakers can be paired together to spread left and right channels. This allows for a boosting amplitude to provide an immersive true stereo experience. This device's neat setup is brought through WaveBloom technology, which​ ​expands to create an air filled chamber resulting in demonstrably better resonance. This allows the POW Mo to deliver huge volume, deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs within a compact package that can fit into one's pocket at any point.

It's quite neat, one of the different things I saw while at the event and just rather cool. The material is nice, it's easy to fold in and it sounds rather great. This is an impressive aspect as the Unveiled event can be rather loud, it was awesome that they allowed me to set my drink down for a second to give it a whirl. I was even able to check out the pairing feature, could be really great for a movable, more cinematic experience if you're watching something film wise or even just for a better music experience. You can read more from CES at the hub link below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner