Samsung Bot Care is Not Selfie Friendly

With the various innovations showcased at CES 2019, the Samsung Bot Care was really awesome. I was taken on a special tour of the booth Samsung had at the show. Luckily I joined in at the right time as I was able to jump into a roped off area that had a demonstration of the future robotics the company is working on. This included three core robots and they gave a full showcase for what each can do. One of them cleaned the air, another was meant for a business setting to sell things and a regular one for health, was the Samsung Bot Care.

This was a rather fun machine to view as it could take your blood pressure, have medical alerts and make sure you're safe by contacting others if you've fallen and can't get up. Other neat abilities include dancing, showcasing videos and generally rolling around to follow you. After the showcase was concluded I asked for a photo with the bots which was cool with the group. I got a long distance one where I was huddled behind it. I then thought I'd be all cool and have a selfie with it, because why not?
Samsung Bot ces 2019
This really is more of a joke thing than anything, I'm not at all being critical of this. It just was not selfie friendly. I say that in terms of it really not understanding what I was trying to do. When I went to take a picture it was facing towards the camera, but it kept shifting its gaze towards me. Not the best thing when you're trying to get a photo with this neat and seemingly futuristic machine. It deeply looked into my soul with confusion as to what was wrong with me and what I was doing. It's less about any sort of problem, and more that I'm not aware it even knows what I was doing.

I mean, if this is going to be the future of robotic technology they certainly need to be able to understand our strange desire for taking photos of ourselves. On top of that, taking photos of ourselves while we're with something. It certainly should be able to pose on command and perhaps even have a series of facial animations! I mean, why not. It would be even cooler if it knew what was up with the camera and had a fun set of things to do for it. It's a silly thing, but a lot of what's shown at CES is. It's about the technology and doing weird things with it.

I wouldn't focus on this article too much, but look into what these crazy Samsung Bots are going to be able to do in the future. It's a neat starting point, and this particular model is already able to perform some really essential tasks. I encourage you to view the video as it showcases them off and has the general tour in the latter half as well. You can read more from CES at the hub link below.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner