Samsung QLED 8K TV CES 2019 Preview

The Samsung QLED 8K TV was in full force at CES 2019 as the company revealed their powerful initial line-up for the product. The resolution in general was all over the show and this is actually the second time that the group has showcased their 8k TV. I first saw the screens last year at their event, it's nice to see it has expanded to a full regular consumer line for release in 2019. What we're seeing here will support sizes of 65", 75", 82" and 85".

The smallest size 65" model QN65Q900RBFXZA is priced at $4,999 USD; the 75" model QN75Q900RBFXZA is priced at $6,999 USD, the 82" model QN82Q900RBFXZA is priced at $9,999 USD and finally the largest at a crazy 85" model QN85Q900RAFXZA is priced at $14,999 USD. That's the full line-up with the first three shipping March 22, 2019 whereas the last option is set to ship February 22, 2019. These are massive screens bringing a premium level of quality to the consumers that can afford it. The visuals certainly are gorgeous with this resolution of (7,680 x 4,320).
Samsung QLED 8K TV ces 2019
I was impressed with these displays when I was able to view them at two separate events. One was the big Samsung reveal and the second time was during a private tour on the show floor. Both times I was able to get relatively close to the screens and during the latter slot I was able to get really close to them. I mean, the quality is stunning from any distance but it's nice to see them right up close, you get lost in the picture at times. They're very thin, crystal clear and just incredible to look at. While content at that resolution is rare, more upscaling efforts are being used with the special 8K AI Upscaling² technique present in this line-up. This aspect is possible through the Quantum Processor 8K.

They've also went further with visuals using Quantum HDR which makes scenes appear more dynamic. This is coupled with intense blacks made possible through full array local dimming. You can also obviously expect a smart hub with modern features and services, this is layered further with Bixby support for voice in the remote. A voice control assistant, if you weren't aware of what Bixby was.

For more detailed specifications there's Wifi, direct Ethernet and Bluetooth support. There are four HDMI ports, three USB ports, one Digital Audio Out (Optical). Sizes and weight will vary based on the selected model. No mention of native Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision support. You can check out our CES 2019 hub below for more coverage from the event or learn about the awesome Samsung Bot options showcased at the same show.

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