Samsung Space Monitor CES 2019 Preview

The Samsung Space Monitor was an interesting take on the modern screen for work and a distinct concept. I was able to view, handle and learn about it while at CES 2019. The basic premise of this setup is to minimize your monitor's impact on the work environment. It takes the screen and pushes it away. I don't particularly believe this is anything new, but the way to gain this functionality usually comes as an expensive extra for your existing panel. To see it as a natural part of something you've already purchased is interesting.

This is the SR75 series with the particular model being the S32R750U. This is a 32" 4k screen without HDR support featuring 60Hz and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It's fairly standard monitor wise, with the change of design for saving space being the core feature that's present. The price of the Samsung Space Monitor is currently $499.99 USD, with that being the pre-order price point. While at the event I was able to go hands-on with this a couple times. Once during the Samsung Reveal event and another time during a private tour.
Samsung Space Monitor ces 2019
I personally felt that this monitor was a bit odd, I like the concept and the movement is great. You can shift it and adjust the viewing angle in multiple ways which is excellent. It's easy to do this, but the screen is very thick. I wasn't given a particular reason aside from possibly being aesthetic which is what I suggested. It's very thick, it also has a rather thick stand. This conceals the cords, but at the cost of a very large black bar out the back. I certainly like the idea, comparing it to the Surface Studio but this has a lack of touch screen support and it's rather thich in some areas. This is mostly a test model for the design as I've been told, but I'm not exactly sold on this one.

I'd definitely like to give it a whirl in a regular work setting as time is brief at CES. I get the application of this, it works well but some qualities make it seem like they didn't really push the design too far. This also can't entirely go against your wall, with the back mount you will need to leave room. Again, this is a cool concept but I've seen the idea behind it before. It does certainly open up space at your desk if you're needing it and that's appreciated. It can be adjusted for many viewing angles and easily pushed out of the way. You can check out our CES 2019 hub below for more coverage from the event or learn about the awesome Samsung Bot options showcased at the same show.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner