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January 21, 2019 at 2:52am

One of the interesting events to attend while at CES each year is the CTA Consumer TechTrends. They go over what to expect at the show and what's to come in the future, it's also a way to get into CES Unveiled early which is awesome. That aside, they provided some neat details for the US Tech forecast 2019.

The covered topics are for the main consumer products projecting their revenue and growth over the year. This information is of course courtesy of the Consumer Technology Association, more details on various aspects of the industry can be found on their site. To start, the industry is set to reach a record high 398 billion USD dollars over 2019. This will be driven by expansion in multiple key areas. Keep in mind this is all in US currency.
LG 8k TV Line-Up ces 2019
To start, we'll take a look at smartphones. These are set to reach 80 billion in revenue which is a 2% growth for a total of 170.7 million units at a 1% growth. It goes further to look at the future with 5G smartphones on the horizon. These will be 76% of all smartphone sales by 2022 and 2.1 million units will be delivered throughout this year. Next up is the Smart Speakers category. There's a projected 3.2 billion in revenue which is a 7% increase for 36.6 million units at a 5% growth.

The Smart Home is growing too hitting 4.6 billion with a 17% growth, sending out 29.4 million units for a 23% increase. I'll now drop the latter aspects for further categories as you get the percentage is an increase over previous sales. Televisions at 4k will get 16.4 billion for 8%. That's 22.2 million units gaining 14%. 8k screens will deliver 200k units and 545 million in revenue, a fresh to market part of the industry. In-Vehicle tech will hit 17 billion for 9%.

Smartwatches continue to go strong with 4.7 billion for a 19% improvement with 20.5 million units delivered reaching a 25% boost. The Drones industry seems to be going steady with 1 billion, 4% boost at 3.4 million units with is also 4% overall. Finally we have Streaming Services which is set to achieve 26 billion for a 25% increase. You can read more about what I checked out while at CES this year from the hub below or see my thoughts on the recently announced Roll-up TV from LG.

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