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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Walkthrough

Walkthrough of D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die which is an episodic series about one man attempting to find out what happened to his poor wife.

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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is an episodic Xbox Exclusive gem that was created by Swery of Access Games. The series follows David Young, a private investigator whose wife has been murdered. The episodes are based around David attempting to reconile these thoughts in order to figure out what happened.

The game was an absolute blast and sadly never finished leaving us on a sad cliff-hangar that really is disappointing considering how great it was. It was also absolutely wild taking place in a variety of locations with various wacky characters to meet. There's also intense Kinect supports and gestures that took use of the device in a perfect way. D4 was certainly an exciting title and it's a real shame that this 2014 Xbox game will never be truly finished.