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Destiny Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Destiny where the Guardians protect a broken humanity that's attempting to survive in the last safe city on Earth.

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Destiny is Bungie's follow-up to Halo taking certain aspects of that franchise and turning it into a MMO enviroment. With Activision, Destiny is a huge project that's supposed to span a decade on Xbox One; Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and 3. The game has players chilling out at the tower before jumping to the various planets in our solar system including Mars, Venus and also that Moon we have. There are also many rustic location son Earth that must be discovered by the Guardians as they attempt to take Earth back and hopefully usher another golden age for humanity.

It won’t be an easy task, but you can take on the role of a Guardian while working with others to take on the various alien threats that have conquered many locations in the solar system we call home. Gather your loot and get ready to redo Strikes or Raids many times to gather gear. This Destiny Walkthrough is just the story of the game focusing on the short narrative portions.