Destiny 2 Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Destiny 2 where the Guardians deal with the destruction of the last human city and the loss of all their gear to this new mysterious force that destroyed the tower

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Destiny 2 is Bungie's return to form coming confident from the expansions of Destiny and aiming to expand upon the universe. Things are grim as everyone's loot and gear has been destroyed so it'll be up to the Guardians to once again step up to save humanity. The last human city has also been laid to rubble with little left, but as long as Guardians are around there shall be a recovery. Explore new larger worlds and further your mission to take back Earth along with our solar system. Return to other past worlds along with more of Earth in an attempt to build a better future from the rustic remnants of humanity's golden era.

It won't be an easy journey tasking players to once again group together as Guardians in order to deal with the many threats that will rise. Take on expanded Strike and Raid missions together in order to further your loot, collect gear and basically kick ass in Destiny 2.