Dead Rising 4 Walkthrough

Walkthrough as Frank West returns to where it all began to deal with another zombie outbreak while attempting to teach his student proper journalism.

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Dead Rising 4 Walkthrough as Frank West returns to Willamette for the story of a career and to save his student Vick. Follow the story as Frank attempts to unravel the military presence in Dead Rising 4.

The true return of Frank West has him heading back to Willamette in order to regain the credibility and hope of his career. Things don’t go well and Frank is once again stuck in the mall and greater town area during Black Friday while dealing with the hordes of zombies. There’s also the new military threat among other terrible things going on that he’ll need to uncover with imagery and information for the regular public. This walkthrough includes cases; Prologue, Case 1, Invasion on Main Street, Getting Science, Drop the Base, Man of the Year, Eye of the Prize.

Dead Rising4 is a return to glory going to be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam PC in 2016 with a second release for other platforms in 2017.