Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Walkthrough

Walkthrough of the DLC where he has become a zombie and needs to find a cure while attempting to flee Willamette in this epic finale.

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The true ending to Dead Rising 4 has Frank West attempting to cure himself after becoming a zombie at the end of the game and meeting with old friends. This has him once again moving through the mall and then heading outside to the city of Willamette as he attempts to find the cure. Teaming up with a doctor and good old friends from the regular story these two work together in order to end the plague. Things don’t go well with many losses along the way as zombie West takes on hordes of zombies, soldiers and anything that gets in his way during this DLC pack included in the Ultimate Edition or Season Pass available April 4, 2017.

Dead Rising 4 is a return to zombie glory going to be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam PC in 2016 with a second release for other platforms in 2017.