Grounded Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Grounded which provides a larger than life experience for solo or cooperative play, that's about discovering hidden secrets and finding out why you're so small This has two parts, it'll get expanded upon while game preview adds new content.

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Grounded is the latest Obsidian Entertainment release featuring a large open world area to survive in. This is a large scale backyard area that’s about collecting resources, crafting useless items and then exploring out there. There are hidden secrets, and a surprisingly deep narrative to work through as you discover just why you’ve become so shrunken out there.

Find a way to get back to normal, or just have fun battling against the various massive bugs and such out there in the environment. It’s not going to be easy, but luckily you don’t have to go alone. You can play alone, or in cooperative play online with others to experience the entire scope of the world and its stories together within this one.

It’s all about fun, finding out what happened and then moving forward. You’ll never quite be sure what might need to be analyzed or discovered in order to further your expansion above, and even below the surface of the backyard setup. It’s quite in-depth and features lots of action or some quieter moments too.