Orcs Must Die! 3 Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Orcs Must Die! 3 in this latest entry in the series that features traditional levels and massive War Scenarios that are insanely large scale battle areas. It's available on Google Stadia as an exclusive for the launch of the title.

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Orcs Must Die! 3 is the third main entry in this now long running franchise about preparing traps and fending off hordes of oncoming orcs. You can play this alone, or in coop with one other player. It features eighteen levels with difficulty options and many challenges. There are traditional levels and also War Scenarios which are massive levels to increase that challenge further.

This walkthrough is the entire complete game in a single video with time stamps to select what area you need assistance on. It’s about finishing the game, and doing so generally as well as possible with interesting strategies. There are many orcs that need to be dealt with alongside various other enemy creatures that roam towards the Rifts.

This also includes all cinematic segments to get the full story within this third entry. The main characters are back with two new young apprentice protagonists that you play as. It dives into the lore of the series while also having some good surprises here or there that push things out forwards. It’s definitely a fun time, and is a neat addition to the series. A fine full playthrough of the game.